Spinal Board (BaXstrap) [Package] (981000)

Spinal Board (BaXstrap) [Package] (981000)

  • $768.90

BaXstrap Spineboard

The Laerdal Baxstrap Spineboard provides the highest quality and most comfortable care for patients requiring immediate emergency spinal care. As one of the lightest, most rigid boards on the market, the Baxstrap Spineboard prepares providers for any situation. The durable and uniquely contoured design, matched with our private labeling option, makes the Baxstrap Spineboard the premium spine board on the market.


  • Spinal Board
  • 4 x Straps with Loop Ends565.36
  • 1 x SpeedBlocks Starter Kit

The above items can be purchased individually.

Note: Cervical Collar (pictured) is no longer a supported product and may not be supplied.